• Barack Obama Bows To A Women Politician From Tampon Bay

    February 2, 2010 4:17 am 4 comments
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    Disgusting. Just when I thought Obama was being moral with wanting to nuke Iran, he goes and betrays all the trust we have placed in this man.

    Look at how Obama is bowing to this women politician from Tampon Bay, Florida. If you look carefully, you can see Obama also stares right at her legs as he bows his head down like she is God.

    I’m sick and tired of Obama bowing to everyone. He has bowed to the Japanese. The terror king and now this, a¬†female politician from Florida. Makes you wonder if he does all this so she’ll invite him back to sin hour and her state hotel, Michelle better keep tabs on him before he becomes the next Bill Clinton if you get my drift.

    I don’t have much more commentary to add here. I feel betrayed. Obama was doing okay the last few days. He wants to nuke Iran and put American missiles in our Middle East satellite countries. Now, we see, he’s still a liberal and philanderer. He’s cheating on his wife by bowing to this womaen. Sicko.

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