• Barack Obama Caught In Homosexual Fondling with Politician

    February 12, 2010 2:11 pm 20 comments
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    In the above picture we have evidence of Barack Obama becoming the latest Democrat to be involved in a bizarre sex scandal.

    Looking closely at the photograph, you see Barack Obama suggestively embracing the porcelain skin bosom of an old-man in a tender manner, which is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

    The fact that this occurred in a public venue with the two men dressed in suits indicates this is some sort of sick fetish of Obama. Look at how Obama embraces this man with two hands and full frontal body contact.

    Obama’s eyes are somewhat squinted with emotion like he’s hugging his womans, but alas it’s a boy, an old man!

    Honestly I’d much rather he be like Bill Clinton and just cheat around with a girl intern. At least that way kids wouldn’t think “Oh look, the president is homosexual so it must be cool, neat and patriotic!”

    This is a sick abomination to our land and another reason why Obama must be impeached. If this were only two hundred years ago Sam Adams and Ben Franklin would hold trials and put him to the pyre for witchcraft gayness! Impeach the imposter president!

    I am sick of gays secretly popping up all over my country. They sneaked into our tv. I see their clothes sneaking into my local Walmart. But now they are even sneaking into our government and trying to make gay seem okay when it’s a sin so severe that these nasties are sent to do furthest depths of hell!

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