• Barack Obama Gives Free Food to 32 Million Welfare People

    February 6, 2010 4:43 am 19 comments
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    The Obamas are illegally taking our money and giving it to the lazy poor. When I read through the latest documents detailing the number of people in America who are receiving food benefits, I angrily spat out my oat bran in sheer anger.

    Nowhere in the Constitution does it obligate us to feed people who refuse to earn their own food. Man was made to have dominion over nature and my question is if why the poor don’t got the money to get their own foodstuffs, what is exacting stopping them from hunting or farming their own food?

    When I go to work, I work to feed me and my own. I give to charity but I am sick and tired of welfare moms standing in line at the store, buying shrimps, lobsters and steaks. They buy cigarettes and booze, usually with some lazy looking hoodlum throwing candy into their baskets.

    Then they pull out their government food cards and charge it all to me!

    This wasteful habit is not right or moral. If these people knew they’d starve if they did not work, I bet they would change their lazy tunes and I’d have more money in my pocket to power our economy.

    The Obamas and their poor little scamps on the welfare system are getting fat off the brow of hard American workers. Let us tell them no to taking our money and if they don’t like that, they can just go get out of this country because we were built upon rugged individualism, not African begging.

    You and I are feeding 32 million lazies. Let us put an end to this nonsense.

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