• Barack Obama Wants Money for More Nukes

    February 2, 2010 3:32 am 3 comments
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    Dear friends, thank you for all the prayers you have said on behalf our President Barack H. Obama. I know over the last year, I have personally challenged Mr. Obama and may have somewhat criticized his agenda. This had to be done for his democrat agenda was naturally serving Satan.

    Somewhere deep within the bowels of my spirit and depths of my heart though, I knew this man had some light and good down in him. He was raised by a proper grandmother of a good genetic background. He was still allowed to become president of our Christian nation and God has a reason for everything he allows.

    It seems that all of our prayers to fix Obama’s mind have finally paid off. Only a few days ago, Obama ordered us to put thousands of rockets along the border of terror nation Iran. Today, my friends, Barack Obama demanded Congress levy money so we can build more nukes. Glory be to God.

    Obama is clearly preparing to politely remind Iran that we are in charge of Earth. America. And they have no right to terrorize their people or gauge the prices of the oil in ‘their’ region, as oil is a resource that belongs to everyone.

    I hope and pray that by next month, we have all of our nukes all lined up and pointed straight at downtown Tehran. Let us also remember to continue to pray for our dear President Obama so he’ll listen to his spiritual side and God, just like President George W. Bush did, and continue to let the Holy Spirit be his president guide.

    It is through this process that we will successfully beat the terrorists and restore America to its Godly Christian heritage.

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