• Benny Hinn’s Wife Commits The Sin of Divorce

    February 21, 2010 3:41 pm 54 comments
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  • Long-time faith based healer and master of wielding the Holy Spirit, Benny Hinn, has been betrayed by his wife.

    One of the most grievous sins a woman can commit is reneging on the vows of marriage she took with her husband. In addition to showing how she is ungrateful for the man God has blessed to have in her life, it also shows a harlot attitude and lack of fidelity.

    The only real reason women want to get divorces is so they don’t feel guilty about their spirit of fornication. 9 times out of ten, a woman who chooses to divorce her husband has a perverted sexual interest with some other man or woman.

    Benny Hinn, who has used the power of God to touch and heal millions of people, is the latest victim of a divorce attack by a ungrateful shrew of a wife.

    Unfortunately, Hinn was not able to tap a bit of sense back into her head before she went public with the divorce papers. Now she will probably take half of his ministerial wealth and use it for who knows what demented purposes.

    This is yet another reason why all men, even those who think they have married a moral woman of faith, should get prenups and keep their wives in check. Women are fickle and naturally get bored and faithless in relationships. It takes a strong, firm hand, curfews, chores and leadership to keep a wife in check. With his busy schedule, Hinn was not able to enforce these Biblical edicts on his wife and now as we can see, he pays the price.

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