• Bloom Energy Stock Symbol and Bloom Energy Fuel Cell

    February 22, 2010 12:01 am 7 comments
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  • It is never a bad idea to invest in quality companies, so you should look into Bloom Energy. The Bloom Energy Stock Symbol is Bloom Energy Corporation (BEC).

    Why is this little startup company something you should look into? They are revolutionizing, or at least attempting to, energy production.

    America still relies on antiquated grid systems for power distribution. As our country’s cities continue to expand into several highly dense pockets, we will see more and more that we need localized energy on a home per home basis. That is where Bloom Energy comes into play.

    Using a technology called the Bloom Energy Fuel Cell, or Bloom Box, the company has found a way to produce clean energy for every home and a very low price. Its success and marketability, however, depends on the development of solid oxide regenerative fuel cells (SORFC).

    With success, every home will be capable of producing its own electricity from a box in the backyard. This will allow municipal power grids, or even state to state complexes, to have less strain on them and put more power in the hands of the consumer, creating less need for government oversight for national energy use.

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    You may find out more about Bloom Energy by visiting the company website.

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