• Chile Struck Down With 8.8 Mag Earthquake!

    February 27, 2010 11:52 am 11 comments
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  • Chile 8.8 earthquake
    God uses his power to snap an unknown bridge in Chile, as to make it harder for people to flee the city which he struck down with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

    (A.P.) Santiago, Chile – A massive magnitude earthquake of 8.8 magnitude has rocked Chili early Saturday. 82 people are dead and Chile’s female president expects the death toll to rise.

    President Michelle Bachelet said, “We are taking necessary measures at this time,” in lieu of preparing for massive casualties that could reach into the hundreds or thousands.

    Bachelet and the whole of South America tremble in fear from this great earthquake, that snapped many Chilean buildings right in half. Reports from that Associated Press indicate the earthquake was so powerful, that it has triggered tsunami warnings across many other poor, third world nations.

    Even in Argentina, the power of God was felt as people fled and ran in frenzied circles when the ground started to shake by the order of our heavenly Father.

    The Bible states that being slothful is a sin, and at a regional level, there are not too many areas of Earth that are lazier than South America, aside from Africa (not including S. Africa).

    Chilean news crews were able to use their limited technology to broadcast images that showed their buildings in tatters, bridges torn asunder and great pillars of fire emerging from random piles of rubble.

    Figure 2.2: Detailed map shows regions still at risk of God striking the down with a tsunami, as he vents his wrath Saturday, February 27th, 2010 A.D. (After Death Year of Christ’s Body).

    According to the US geological survey, aftershocks are still being felt in surrounding countries. God is randomly snapping his fingers at will to let all the people in this region know he does not like how they are thinking about opening up talks with Hugo Chavez.

    God does not like how they are thinking about opening up agreements with Russia and China about American oil in the ground of his land. What is in the Western Hemisphere belongs to America, as God ordained by the Monroe Doctrine.

    Expect more tsunamis and earthquakes as countries continue to disobey God. His wrath is great and this little exercise of his power was but a flare of his nostrils, a snap of his fingers. Next time, he could wipe everything out so he choose and then send everyone who sins to hell.

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