• Chuck Norris Handles a Women Driver

    February 15, 2010 11:07 pm 14 comments
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    As we all know, a womens are not the best drivers on Earth. Scientifically speaking, it is because their brains are wired different and they can’t quite process abstract details gooder than us men. This is fine and the way God made the simple creatures.

    Now last time we had a women driver video, I really got tickled because how ridiculous she was. You can find that video here and really, the humor in it is just so splendid. Thank God for the women he gave us to brighten our day.

    Oh, let us not forget the time we all laughed and shared thoughts when a women get stucked in her car.

    Today as I was searching the internet for pictures to complain about and demand to be censored, I came across a funny movie video that I thought would be great to share with you as you get ready for bed.

    This movie video features Chuck Norris and he has an aggressive womans in his car. As she tries to naturally get out of her role and grab the steering wheel, we see Mr. Norris shows how to put her back in her place. Now I’m not advocating beating a women, just sometimes they do get out of line and need corrected. Just saying.

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