• Collapse of the ‘Euro’ Is Inevitable

    February 16, 2010 5:12 am 13 comments
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    Several years ago, the unappreciative Europeans plotted to undermine America’s authority as the leader of the free world.

    After World War II, God ordained America to protect the Earth from Satanic forces such as NAZIS, Japs, Soviet/commies and the Mideast terrors.

    All of these groups have attacked good nations such as Israel and America, and therefore were subdued by the wrath of God. After we, America, defeated the Germans/Japs in World War II and saved Europe, God made the dollar the Earth’s official currency and all nations were proud to base their economies on it.

    That is until their evilly greedy hearts became jealous of America.

    Europe wanted America’s fame, power and prestige for themselves. They wanted American might. They wanted our nuclear power and would stop at nothing to get it.

    Dear friends, God does not approve of the European Union. If you have watched the Left Behind series with Kirk Cameron, notice how Nikolai Carpathia always takes over a one world government. It is America who stands alone, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, against the evil government of Satan.

    This is no coincidence and Satan supports the European Union. It is not yet time for the rapture and therefore the European Union is doomed. Already, we see the collapse of the Euro is inevitable.

    Europe is being judged for standing against America and being filthy mongrels. Their countries fall and once again, they will crawl to us on and and knees, begging for our technology and dollars. The proof is in the pudding and just watch God restore America to its proper power in 2012!

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