• Gay Japanese Create Shaveable Baby

    February 22, 2010 12:05 pm 62 comments
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    What happens when you comebine the sins of the Orient with the Western gay agenda? Perverted tools designed to corrupt the hearts of the innocent!

    For centuries now the sick Japanese have rejected God and tempted their children to do unnatural things with their animes pornography! They teach children it is normal to go swim in the ocean and then get dallied by a large octopus!

    Gays love that children think this is natural. That way, when a local gay at the swimming pool kisses his boyfriend and invite your children to join in, they think it will be fun. “Oh, it is okay for the gay to play “octopus tentacle” with me. I saw it on my favorite cartoon!”

    Burn gays! That sick type of thinking is why for every one gay, four children get attacked in a sexual way!

    You see, when gays attack children in Japan they think it’s normal since they see their favorite cartoons get attacked by an octopus. The sick gays in America caught onto the gay Japanese agenda and teamed up with them to bring anime here.

    Now we have sick porn shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and ridiculous Bleach airing on Cartoon Network to tempt our kids into sin after school. This is the type of things the gay Japanese and Americans have brought into our land.

    Now just when you think it couldn’t get any worse than this parents and you couldn’t have any more anger in your hearts, we see the gay Japanese toymakers are teaming up with their partners in America to further corrupt children.

    They have now created a doll that children can shave. It is sick. Warning: Following is a toy item created in partnership by the Oriental and US homogay agenda. Please immediately order all women/children out of the room before reviewing.

    Just look it. Take a good look. You can see the gays have put hair all over it so children shave the naughty parts. Childrens don’t even grow no hair!

    Since it focuses on hair this doll was created by the breed known as the Bear Fetish Schizoid gays. Somehow in these gays minds, they get jollies by shaving the hair off the back of their gay partners in sin. Now they are trying to recruit children into their ways.

    They have put a thick layer of hair right over where the secrets parts should be, so children will innocently shave it off. That way, when a bear gay approaches your son and says “here shave my secret parts like you did my doll” he will think it is natural fun.

    I thought Michael Jackson was creepy but there is nothing worse than what I am seeing here. These dolls are sick and I only wish I had the power to gather all involved up and throw them into a pit of fire until their souls burned and seared straight through to the depths of hell.

    If I see any one of these contraptions at fine stores like Wal-mart or Sam’s I WILL remove it from the shelf and smash it to pieces with hammer. I dare the store managers to say squat because I am defending American children and if you have any decency, you will too.

    Shame on you Japan. Burn you gay demons who have created this doll burn!

    , parents,

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