• George W. Bush, Miss Me Yet?

    February 10, 2010 3:14 am 12 comments
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    It has now been one full year since America was blessed with one of the most poignant leaders of all time: President George W. Bush.

    President Bush oft came under fire for making the tough decisions; his skin was hardened for he was fated to endure many tempests, fires and hateful words for the good of America. President Bush was up to the task.

    His heart, however, was as good and warm as an ardent Spring day. It was filled with Christian love and compassion for God, country and the good of mankind. Through the leadership of George W. Bush, American freedom was expanded into even the darkest lands on Earth.

    Through the leadership of President George W. Bush, America enjoyed an unprecedented era of security and strength. President Bush had the forsight to rebuild our economy after the tragedy of 9/11 attacked not only our minds and hearts, but the foundation of our blessed dollar.

    Now that Obama has taken office, we have seen terrorists emboldened and Iran/Afghanistan are not secure. Iran grows bold and plots attacks. On Christmas, terrorists boarded a plane headed to Detroit and only prayers of its passengers kept the situation from turning tragic.

    Today, President George W. Bush has a message for all Americans.

    If you love your country, your answer to this billboard from President Bush is yes. If you love your country, you will vote for Jeb Bush in 2012. Jeb loves his brother and loves his country. You should too.

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