• God Naturally Blesses New Orleans Saints To Win Super Bowl

    February 8, 2010 2:26 pm 6 comments
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    It is now official. God does not like Peyton Manning. Peyton is a smug, arrogant, overrated and out of touch with reality.

    He thought his Indianapolis Colts would enjoy a Superbowl Ring, but he was wrong. Here is God’s champion, Peyton.

    Sports News - February 08, 2010

    Drew Brees is a man of morality. He is a Saint.

    Look at how Drew Brees offers his son up as a sacrifice and testament to God up in heaven, as he knows God blessed the Saints to win the Superbowl 31 – 17.

    Now there are those out there who are trying to wrap their heads around the spiritual implications of this Superbowl. What does it all mean? What do we do from here?

    Let us look at what God taught the billions of people who watched America’s championship this year.

    Abortion Is Illegal

    The reason for the Super Bowl this year was to actually show all the people watching that abortion is illegal.

    One of God’s most favored quarterback is Tim Tebow. Just like every young man chosen to carry the burden of sainthood, Tebow had his patience and mettle tested. He passed his test and proved his devotion to God by letting everyone know they will burn in hell if they support abortion.

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