• Haiti Kidnaps 10 American Christians

    February 1, 2010 6:38 am 16 comments
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    The strangers of Haiti have kidnapped ten of our fellow Americans. Dear friends, this tragic time when the hateful people of Haiti have stolen our sons and daughters is tough for us all.

    We can no longer feel safe when we send our people abroad to feed destitute savages with food for the soul from the Bible. How can we help those who would dare do such things to our people?

    Here, we see the faces of ten Americans who were kidnapped by Haitian strangers. They were snatched off the street and stolen from their families. They were targetted because they are Christians, Baptist Christians in particular.

    Now all Americans must live in fear and panic. You never know when you could just be riding your bicycle down the street when a van full of mean Haitians run up to you and throw you in, taking you to the woods to do mean things.

    I know I will not be riding my bicycle in empty lots anytime soon because now I’m so ascared. These Haitians are destroying our way of life by kidnapping American heroes who only want to help the poor, diseased children of their land.

    My friends, let us pray and hope that we punish Haiti just like we do all childsnatchers. We must put them on trial and then find them guilty, let them burn and hang in gallows for what they have done to these ten innocent Americans who only wanted to help.

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