• Happy 99th Birthday President Ronald Reagan

    February 7, 2010 12:20 pm 3 comments
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    President Ronald Reagan. A man chosen by God to lead America out of a recession. A man chosen to bless the world by defeating the coldhearted communists of Soviet Russia.

    A man who cut lazy welfare recipients of the proverbial teet of those who work hard. A man whose wife deprived ghetto miscreants of drugs to push in our public schools.

    President Ronald W. Reagan blessed many nations with freedom and lead the American people to an unprecedented era of security and joy. He brought pride upon our great Christian nation and the world stood in awe of our power and our favor by God.

    Now, on his 99th birthday, Reagan rests in heaven with St. John and Peter, and Pope John Paul II, looking down upon the land in which he performed so many good acts and miracles. He looks upon the dark hands of Obama as he tries to steer us away from God and our nation’s Christian heritage.

    Just like when Jimmy Carter did the same thing in the 70s, however, the Democratic agenda is setting the stage for a new Ronald Reagan to take office. President Ronald Reagan is already praying and will help intercede in the upcoming elections.

    So bless you, President Reagan, a man who is worthy to be called Saint Reagan.

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