• Japanese Create Gay Susan Boyle Named “Smasan Boyle”

    February 25, 2010 5:13 pm 6 comments
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    The Japanese are such a perverted people that they build anime porn shrines next to public schools and have huge festivals where they run around without clothing to cover their little nethers.

    It is all sick and abomination in Japan, so the following entertainment news is not so much of a shock but moreso, “How dare they!”

    Susan Boyle has the voice of a thousand golden angels. Her beautiful voice was crafted by God to bring a spirit of peace to our troubled world. She warmed the ice-cold heart of Simon Cowell on American Idol, then touched all of our lives with her rich, loving performances of varying songs.

    Now we see the Japanese have perverted all this by creating a transgenic woman from a gay Japanese man. Sure, Japanese men and women tend to look the same but they went all out with their plastic surgeries and voice alterations on this transgenic, so it looks like a rough Japanese Susan Boyle woman!

    This is the type of sick thing that’s just becoming so typical over there. They just copy what we’re doing here, pervert it, then resell it to the lowest bidder. I hope that the Japanese realize there is no place lower than hell and Satan is always bidding for the sin-soyed souls.

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