• Lady Gaga Evolves A Secret Penis

    February 24, 2010 1:30 pm 26 comments
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    Fellow parents I have urgent news for you. There is a popular new clut singer out there calling herself “Lady Gaga”. She is claiming to be a woman and yet saying she has evolved a secret penis.

    This is not even possible so when I first came upon this news I was horrified and shocked. In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve. Man and woman. Now we have this Gaga claiming she was born a woman and has now a Satan scepters as it is not natural.

    Why would she do this unless one thing. She is part of the long standing homogay agenda.

    The gays are a sick people who will try anything to corrupt our children. They have written songs and used their gay decorating skills to create appealing, sparkly outfits for Lady Gaga.

    They have teamed together to use their high school theater training to give theatrics to all of Gaga’s performances so she would be very popular to young people and always appear on MTV music awards. Then the big reveal: a secret penis.

    Somehow scientists have apparently figured out how to put a peen into a woman. This is not natural or right. In the British Magazine named Q, Gaga will apparently talk about this in more detail. Already the liberals are getting all excited about this sin.

    Parents, I grow tired of the gay agenda. Every day we figure out a way to kill off many of their threats, but they are relentless. They are always dreaming up new stuff with which to corrupt our children: Gay pink dolphins, the toypedo,Wolverine toys, and big gay ice cream trucks.

    Now they have a normally nice looking, pretty woman turning herself into a man with a penis all so your teen son will get confused. This type of gay behavior is destroying our nation and ruining the moral fabric of our country.

    I know nothing else of this Gaga but sadly will have to pray a great curse falls upon her as she is helping the homogay agenda. No telling how she will be punished, maybe fall off the stage at a concert or perhaps swallow the microphone while singing and forever ruin her vocals.

    Here is the magazine cover for Q that will teach children how scientists are perverting God’s design. If you see this in your son or daughters room, please immediately burn it and take them to a good psychologist so they can receive counsel and psychiatric medication.

    This is part of the gay agenda and it is sad to see a once popular female singer participating in it.

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