• Lesbian Youth At High Risk For Pregnancy

    February 6, 2010 12:57 pm 32 comments
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    One of the main reasons why gay teens get pregnant more often is due to the guilt they face due to their sexual choices and bizarre strategies they develop to feel like their ‘acts’ are normal.

    Startling new studies reveal that lesbian and bisexual youth are up to seven times more likely to get pregnant than their heterosexual peers.

    These heart-wrenching numbers were published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. Parents of lesbian daughters are especially stricken by this news, as they have to deal with the shame of having a mentally-ill daughter and more likely, a pregnant one too.

    The human body was designed to be attracted to the opposite sex and for monogamous courtship. Now this extensive study, conducted in Canadian schools from 1992 – 2003, shows another danger lesbian youths must face.

    In addition to psychological trauma because of the disconnect from their body’s natural roles, the perverse nature of lesbian acts loosens their morals which makes them subject to the same diseases and stats as prostitutes and others who unnaturally “M”.

    All these culminate in gay lesbian youth being more prone to try perverse acts with their naught regions, becoming pregnant and filled with unknown diseases in the process.

    Caring mothers out there are concerned on what this study means for their daughters. A parent’s worst nightmare is to have their daughter fall with pregnancy and then a bout of Hepatitis C and AIDS.

    Sometimes a gay boy and lesbian girl commit a laying sin with one another. Due to their impeded mindset, they never think to use contraception and again, contribute to the high-incidence of lesbian pregnancy.

    Results from the study show that in a study of 30,000 students, gay boys are more likely to get girls pregnant. If your daughter claims to be lesbian or “bisexual”, she is 10.6 % or 7.3% more likely to get pregnant than a normal girl with premarital sins, respectively.

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