• New Images of 9/11 Released

    February 11, 2010 4:46 pm 9 comments
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    Our friends at The DailyMail have released new pictures of 9/11.

    On that tragic day, the Muslims of Earth declared war on America and our allies by terrorizing our buildings. They abducted several of our airliners and flew them into our buildings, murdering innocent Americans in cold blood.

    The memories of 9/11 are still fresh in all our minds, hearts and souls. Mayor Rudy Giuliani has not forgotten. The brave firefighters who rescued victim Americans by the acts of murdering Muslim marauders have not forgotten. You and I have not forgotten.

    How sad is it that after being attacked by Arabia, Barack Obama would still allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons without vowing to bomb their country until nothing is left but sand!

    How sad Obama has never vowed to smoke every single terrorist out of their holes, just like our peacemaking and nation-freeing President George W. Bush.

    President George W. Bush realized that the best way to remove a veil of sandy lies was to waterboard anyone who was Muslim and wore those suspicious terror ninja gowns and Obama tries to claim profiling is not necessary. Lies!

    If only we profiled on 9/11. Every one of those veil headed terrorists would have been caught and just imagine. No bank collapses. No deaths. No war. Imagine all us people, living our lives in peace.

    But that was ruined and now all of our lives are eternally saddened. Let us look on these pictures and let the pain and anger set in our hearts again, so in 2012 we remember. We must remember that these people would love to do this to your home. That is why we must continue to fight them there, instead of here.

    In 2012 we must vote in a president who will destroy these terrors. Please now gather your family around so the hurt and anger from 9/11 grows fresh in your mind again. We will never forget.

    World Trade Center in New York

    Terror: A tidal wave of dust and debris roars through lower Manhattan as the World Trade Centre collapses on September 11, 2001

    In this Sept. 11, 2001 photo made by the New York City Police Department and provided by ABC News

    Collapse: This image captures the sheer size of the debris cloud enveloping buildings and cars as the towers collapse

    In this Sept. 11, 2001

    The cloud spreads out, consuming the surrounding area and moving out over the East River


    After 9/11 the U.S.’s National Institute of Standards and Technology collected images from amateur, professional and freelance photographers as part of its investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Centre. It completed its research in 2005. In the summer of last year, ABC saw that NIST was asking the photographers’ permission to release the images and filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act to get access to them. The images seen here are ones taken by NYPD helicopters and come from the 2,779 pictures supplied on nine CDs to the news organisation.

    All we see is the spectacular moment
    of collapse, what film directors call the wide shot, showing the towers
    in their urban setting, before, during and after their fall.

    Even for those who were there, like
    me, running from the cloud and choking in the dust, it is hard to
    believe. But what is all too evident to everyone is that this event
    changed the world, with consequences that will haunt us for decades.

    With the Twin Towers collapsed the world we thought we knew.

    dramatic images were taken by police photographers in helicopters and
    it is the first time they have been seen, having been released under a
    Freedom of Information request made by America’s ABC News.

    buildings can be seen crumpling in on themselves as plumes of smoke
    rise up over the New York skyline that terrible September morning.

    The images show how the police
    helicopter first began taking images from afar before moving in to
    reveal the devastation taking place underneath.

    They also reveal the horror faced by
    those trapped in the burning buildings and then the walls of smoke and
    debris that enveloped the surrounding area as the towers came crashing

    Released more than eight years after
    the deaths of 2,752 people on that day, they are powerful reminders of
    the attack that led to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The legacy of the New York attack
    continues today with as British forces joining with Afghan soldiers and
    Nato to launch the biggest attack on the Taliban – accused of
    harbouring Al Qaeda who organised the 9/11 attack – since the initial
    2001 offensive.

    Meanwhile, in New York, work is continuing to build on the rubble of what became known as Ground Zero.

    Structural steel for the 1,776ft
    tower, which will be known as 1 World Trade Centre, has already reached
    200ft above street level.

    Workers are now installing 16 steel
    nodes on the 20th-floor of the tower which will serve as joints between
    the steel framing for the building’s podium and the steel for the rest
    of the tower. The 104-storey skyscraper is due to be completed in 2013
    and will be one of the tallest buildings in the U.S.

    The moment one of the World Trade Centre towers begins to crumble in New York

    The moment one of the World Trade Centre towers begins to crumble in New York

    In this Sept. 11, 2001

    Target: Smoke fills the surrounding area as the South Tower collapses after the terrorist attack by Al Qaeda

    In this Sept. 11, 2001
    In this Sept. 11, 2001

    At first the police helicopter is far away before it moves through the smoke to show the flames pouring out of the ravaged North Tower

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