• Pamela Anderson Models New Comic Book Sinsuits

    February 21, 2010 11:46 pm 3 comments
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  • Pamela Anderson has been a long-time advocate for divorce and helping Satan to cause good men to sin.

    She used to be an actress on a dangerous show called Baywatch, in which women would frolic around the beaches of Malibu and try to tempt good men to do unnatural things when their wives were not looking.

    Such shows explain why the divorce rate in America is over 50% and if the FCC has any decency, they would protect marriages nationwide by blacking out such shows and censoring out the sinful bikini parts.

    Now that her body is too old for the show, being at grandmother age, Pam Anderson has now taken to flaunting around random places in sinsuits. We all heard about when she teamed up with demon leader Hugh Heffner and shared birthday cake with him with her secret parts exposed.

    I fortunately did not run across those images for editorial review, but unfortunately, a Moral Alert came across my inbox in which we find that Pamela Anderson has joined the comic book agenda. She is apparently now trying to lure young boys into sin by dressing up like comic book characters. We have archived this evidence against her and will be contacting her agent to ask that she stops before this gets out of hand.

    Woe unto those who bring sin into the innocent. She already did enough damage against humanity with her Baywatch sins. Adding this to the list will only further put her on the VIP list for hell. Warning: The following image media is for archival purposes. Please immediately order any women/children to leave the room and then pray before reviewing and forwarding to the rest on the mailing list of your Media Decency group.

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