• Racist Foreigners Make Fun of American Language

    February 10, 2010 7:15 pm 7 comments
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    Well, well, well. The cat is out of the bag. Time and time again many commentators try to claim Americans are racist against foreigners. Such words are nothing but veiled, bagged lies.

    As an American I love egalitarianism and am happy my country is such a diverse place with so many different flavors of people. Such is the same for most Americans.

    When you go abroad, however, you see nothign but racism. Just look at Asian Japan China. You go there and they all look the same! Where are the blacks, China? Where are the white and Indians, Japs?

    You see what I mean. Go to Africa, they all look the same and black. Go to South America…you get the drift. Even Europe is bad. So now, you see how they are racist but have you hard them be racist.

    Well I have and I have searched YouTube so you can see what I’m talking about. Here is video proof of how foreign people are racist against Americans and our American langauge. That Japnese boy really made me upset with his squaint racist tongue!

    1. Japanese Boy Mocks American Language

    It is no secret that Japan hates America. When they attacked Pearl Harbor with secret planes and then used kamikazes to dive bomb our women and children, they did so with much gusto and hate.

    We see they still fail to teach their kids to appreciate multiculturalism and the American language. Every child on Earth should need to learn American as it is the language of peace, commerce and prosperity.

    2. French Man Mocks America

    Where a damned pinko French thinks he can get away mocking America is beyond me. After we saved France from NAZI Germany you would think everyone in their country would learn to appreciate American culture, life, history and language. But no, you get nonsense like this guy.

    3. Soviet Tries To Be Texan

    Before and during the Cold War, Soviets practiced accents for every American state. This way when people like John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter helped them sneak into our country, they could try to fly under the radar of Senator Joseph McCarthy and other moral conservatives.

    We see this drunk Russian is mocking Americans from Texas with his KGB training.

    I find such things very offensive and if you go to YouTube, you will see there are millions of videos just like the ones I shared today.

    The world is a very bigoted place and as Americans, we must stand strong even against such hateful words. Just like when Romans and Jews mocked and persecuted Christ, we too must have a heart of mercy for the poor foreign wretches.

    They know not what they do or who they mock. They’re just ignorant masses and don’t understand how to appreciate our culture, so they fear us. And that’s why they tease the way they do and prejudge us.

    Despite this, it is still our duty to sacrifice and be there to protect them and help them run their countries when needed, because that is our duty as the Christian nation of Earth. It is our fate and destiny to go beyond their racism and be the rock for humanity. Glory.

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