• Seaworld Gets an Overhaul from Satan

    February 27, 2010 3:50 pm 13 comments
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  • I remember taking my children to SeaWorld expecting to see all of God’s marine life inspiring all of us while making us “awe” at how amazing God’s creation is. When I got there I was shocked at how many abominations are on display! They actually had creatures of the Devil making people laugh! I could not believe my eyes and I immediately fell to my knees and begged God’s forgiveness for these lost souls being entertained by Satan’s minions. Laughing and enjoying Lucifer’s work is promoting him and saying “Go ahead and destroy the world and we will sit back and enjoy you doing it, Mr. Lucifer!” This is not to be tolerated!

    Proof resides in these evil acts. Just last week a Killer Whale named Tilikum violently murdered the evil beast’s trainer and care taker who was a wonderful child of God. The trainer, knowing this beast was a creation of Satan, was attempting to care for it and turn it to the light, which would have been the first satanic animal to ever become christian. Seek more proof? Then consider this. Why would a “peaceful animal of God” destroy someone who is caring for it? That is the Devil’s work! As if that isn’t proof enough, here is the icing on the cake. Tilikum is Japanese for “Satan Lives” and as we all know, the Japanese are children of Satan. These beasts are no doubt creatures of Satan.

    Staring and laughing at spawns of Satan for our entertainment is not Holy, no matter how you look at it. Don’t you ever wonder why SeaWorld attracts so many satanic people? Only 12% of us that visit it are Christians while a staggering 88% are homosexual devil worshiping drug addicts who are getting tips on how to spread chaos throughout our peaceful society. Vile creatures, these Satanic beasts are, and the people who follow them! These “parks” must be closed down as soon as possible and the creatures must be destroyed! I feel so bad for the sea otters and the few other God made animals there that are stuck with the rest of the satanic animals, but they are doing what they must do as well. That is exactly what we must do. Please write to your nearest SeaWorld and demand that these wicked creatures be destroyed and the gates of “SeaWorld: Satan’s Resort” are shut down for good before more of our children are destroyed by witnessing murder and mayhem.

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