• Space Oddity Baffles Boffins

    February 5, 2010 2:55 am 6 comments
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    Scientists at boffins are once again in awe of the power of God, this time as he parades a new unidentified space object through the expansive mysteries of space.

    My friends, we have seen God do everything from make a cosmic space butterfly to throw a cometoid at the gays in San Francisco, but this one is truly spectacular. Let us not forget how only a few months ago God revealed his hand in space. I cried and cried after seeing the sight.

    This time, however, God has elected to let his space object be a mystery to scientists to humble them. He wants us all to remember that his ability of creation and his space is sacred and infinite.

    As America leads Earth into exploring our new territory of space, it is important for us to do it with humility. This object has done just that, and it is wonderful. Glory.

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