• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Harmless?

    February 27, 2010 4:30 am 8 comments
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  • My brothers and sisters, it is time once again to look at our lives and the lives of our children and their well being. We give them toys to play with. How innocent is that? Well, not very, unfortunately. These “toys” are the building blocks that will eventually undo what God has bestowed upon your children. Allow me to make it plain for you to understand that after you read this article you may destroy your children’s toys.

    The more time children spend playing with their toys, the more time that is taking away from God, which is exactly what Lucifer wants you to do. These toys distract your children from the real reason we are even on this planet. Do you really want your children to turn their backs on God just so they can play with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or even their Dora The Explorer toys, for that matter? What our children should be playing with is good Godly toys. Please refer to the following link for proof that there is fun in Christianity for our young ones.


    Notice how none of their toys have weapons with them capable of letting the mind explore what it would be like to kill, at such a young age, even. These children play with guns and it isn’t funny or cute. We might as well be giving them fake needles and forks, or whatever heroin users use to make their drugs. These toys promote violence and death, which is about as anti-God as one can get. Do you want your kids being an Antichrist in training? Because that is exactly what you are doing to them by letting them play with their mutated animals. It\’s disgusting and more harmful than you can ever imagine. Toys are out of control, and just like the tobacco industry is saying, Satan is saying to these kids “hook ’em while they’re young” and this will not stand!

    Destroy your child’s closet and fill it with wholesome toys, like stacking blocks and maybe a Noah’s Ark playset. If you run out of toy ideas, maybe get them some reading books so they may follow in Our Lord\’s footsteps and READ THEIR BIBLES. This should not be a situation that has gotten out of hand. If you do not take up arms against your Children’s toys then you might as well put a gun in their hands and say “go put your mark on the world so Satan may glorify you,” because that is what you are doing. Stop the playing and start the action! It is time to play through worship! Praise Him and all His glory, and to those that refuse, you will learn the error of your ways all too late. Amen.

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