• Thank God I’m A Country Boy

    February 22, 2010 1:43 am 10 comments
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    I grew up on a farm. My father was a peanut farmer and my mother’s great-grandparents owned several plantations in Georgia.

    I broke away from the family tradition to go to school, getting my undergraduate degree in Biology and my Master’s work in animal behavior.

    I later attended theological seminary and also picked up specialized training in adaptive habitats.

    Growing up on a farm, which also hosted cattle and horses, I learned discipline and respect. My parents made me earn my keep, so I would not think to grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth.

    The values that earning for yourself and not being given handouts should be integral to every young man’s life, especially those raised in such areas as myself. They are the backbone of this great nation.

    Unfortunately, Barack Obama is destroying the legacy of self-determination, individualism and the American Dream. The racist, backstabbing “president” is now taking our tax money and giving it for free TO BLACK FARMERS.

    When I read this news I threw my keyboard in a fit of raged anger! How dare Obama take MY hard earned money and give it to black famers.

    My mother’s grandfolks worked hard overseeing their labor and built their own wealth! My fathers parents, by the sweat of their brow, went from pennies to riches from peanuts!

    Now Obama is just giving black farmers money. I am so angry look at this filth:

    Obama Approves $1.25B Settlement for Black Farmers

    The Obama administration announced a $1.25 billion settlement Thursday to resolve charges by thousands of black farmers who say that for decades the Agriculture Department discriminated against them in loan programs.
    Cabinet officials exhorted Congress to approve the deal by setting aside money for the farmers, who have fought through three administrations to secure a measure of justice. In the starkest cases, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, farmers lost their property after local administrators slow-pedaled loan applications, leaving them unable to plant key crops.

    The agreement is part of a wider effort by Obama and senior officials to dispense with lawsuits stemming from America’s checkered civil rights legacy. In December, the Justice Department led efforts to settle a long-standing case with Native Americans who accuse the federal government of mismanaging royalty payments for natural resources mined on tribal lands. A settlement is awaiting congressional action.

    Vilsack and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. took a personal interest in striking a deal with the black farmers, whose leaders have appeared regularly in the halls of Congress and in the White House. Vilsack predicted that Congress will approve the settlement.

    Anger! Congress has no choice but to pass this bill due to reverse racism. That is the same racism that discriminated against our fair Senator John McCain and Christian governor and leader Sarah Palin. Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson used reverse racism to make everyone too scared to say hey, maybe we should not vote for the black guy.

    “Oh, you said black you must be racist for disagreeing!” That is what they want you to think. It is all a bag of black veil lies! There is nothing wrong with saying a bill that benefits blacks is wrong!

    That money should be for EVERY farmer or no farmers at all! So now, just because someone has black skin they get to have money for free from the government?

    Wonder if after Jeb Bush wins president in 2012, he says, “Okay, here is 1.25 billion dollars. If you are white and a school student, you can have it! No blacks allowed!”

    Yay! That doesn’t sound racist at all, does it!

    Of course it does. Obama, you racist scumdrugon. You give that money to all people are take the bill off the shelf. Obama is the worst racist president we have had and its a shame he is dirtying the White House with his dark nature! Boo Obama! Racist!

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