• Tiger Woods Apology Video, Press Conference Live

    February 19, 2010 4:02 pm 5 comments
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  • Perverted African-American golfer Tiger Woods brought great shame to the PGA and America as he was caught cheating on his beautiful Swedish wife, not once. Not twice. But with a total of perhaps nearly two dozen women.

    Tiger Woods delivers remarks to the news media.

    After such a betrayal of his family, his corporate sponsors, the PGA, the rest of Earth and God by betraying his marriage vows, Tiger has finally come out of his closet of secret veiled sins to apologize.

    In the Tiger Woods apology video, which he issued in a press conference (live), it seems Tiger has really had a chance to contemplate what he has done to his beautiful wife and family. He understands the deep hurt and disappointment he has brought to a public who saw him as an ideal figure for the face of a sport and for their kids to emulate.

    Most importantly, however, hopefully Tiger has repented before God for his dirty deeds off the course. The alternative is spending an eternity in the links of hell with Satan, where the only hazard is a lake of fire that you can never miss.

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