• Tiger Woods Caught Kissing Another Women!

    February 19, 2010 10:09 pm 8 comments
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  • Today Tiger Woods stood before the world and apologized for his sins of adultery. We let him play golf and become a champion of the world, and then he thanked us by cheating on his wife with so many fairly foul women.

    Despite his transgressions and the fact that he waited over a month to apologize to us for cheating, being a Christian nation it was our duty to forgive Tiger and to pray for healing in his marriage. He has children to think about and it seems Elin is willing to continue their marriage.

    So, like I’m sure you did, I openeded my heart and forgave Tiger. I said, “Lord, this golfing negro is not smiling but crying as he pleas for forgiveness.” I said, “Lord, please heal this young man from his spirit of fornication. Please help this young man forgive himself and please help his family heal.”

    I prayed all these things for Tiger and was really happy for him. I even wished him well in his future golf tournaments, but now I have evidence that Tiger Woods is a lying demon! He deceived us all!

    Just moments after his press conference, he was caught cheating again! Look at his head as he kisses this unknown old women!

    This is beyond sick and I can only pray that God orders an angel to come to Earth and sink Tiger with a hole in one to the very pits of hell. Tiger Woods now has cheated on his wife with an old women, and even worse, lied to all of us and gave us a fake apology.

    I renounce all my prayers I said for Tiger and you should too. Be cursed Tiger and leave golf alone you lying dog!

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