• Vampire Squid Turns “Inside Out”

    February 4, 2010 10:09 pm 7 comments
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  • For the first time, a “vampire squid” has been captured on video. This menacing creature has the ability to turn itself inside out and is known to primarily live in the deepest realms of the seas.

    This beast gets its name from its ability to capture a prey and then suck all of its blood from it. In recent years, these genetically crafted beasts have come to surface and have attacked innocent children who have gone out too far to the ocean.

    Troubling to all parents, this news has caused an uproar and demand to decrease the number of these sea vampires.

    Secular scientists try to claim these creatures are each 300 million years old, naming them Vampyroteuthis infernalis, or the infernal fossil vampire.

    Of course it is preposterous to think any animal could live 300 million years, and the only reason these scientists think such is because the vampire genes they have found in this creature.

    During the middle ages, we know that vampires did walk the Earth and were responsible for the Black Death. Christians had to go out, armed with bricks, to stuff in the mouths of these vampires while praying for them to all die so as to wipe black death from the face of Earth.

    Now we see not even our oceans are safe from the genetic work of Satan. Imagine the sad horror of seeing mounds of dolphins pale, gasping for air as their blood-drained, Bubonic plague tainted bodies line the beach. Or worse, your children.

    These creatures are a threat. They look unnatural and have confirmed vampire traits. Since they tend to live in sea levels where tuna and other fish can be seen, the onus of responsibility falls upon fishermen.

    It only makes sense to make these creatures go extinct. Sources indicate evolutionists in China are trying to do genetic work to extract vampire genes from these cephalapods and transfer them to humans, as to recreate living vampires on Earth. The end result of such endeavors would spell disaster for us all, as genetically modified Chinese vampire army walked the Earth and killed us all dead.

    Let’s look at this video. It is very troubling and action must be taken before it’s too late.

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