• White House Gets Buried Under Snow

    February 8, 2010 1:05 pm 10 comments
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  • As the New England states continue to be punished by God’s winter wrath, we see the White House in now almost completely buried by snow. Behold:

    If Obama wants to go out for a morning stroll or to fetch the Monday paper, you see the problem. God has used his power to stop Obama for doing such, so he’ll know not even he is exempt from being judged and facing God’s cold wrath this winter.

    If God wanted he could have completely buried the White House under hundreds of feet of snow, but he is merciful and Obama is being given a warning to stop supporting abortion, ObamaCare and aiding terrorists in Palestine.

    God wants Obama to stop giving money to welfare and to instead fund our military. God wants us to go to the Moon so we may claim all the H3 there and sell it to other countries, as to secure the power of the dollar once again.

    Obama is against all of these things because he doesn’t listen to the gentle whispers of God in his spirit, like President Bush did during his time of service. Instead, Obama listens to the flagrant philandering bribes of Satan!

    Obama, get right or get buried by a snowstorm. It will start here and end when voters snowball Obama out and vote in a moral man with a compass oriented to lead America back to its place as a heavenly kingdom and people of God. Amen.

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