• A Women Crashes Car, Was Shaving Her Whonanny

    March 8, 2010 1:35 pm 5 comments
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    A Florida women has crashed her car because she was shaving her whonanny. Why she would think it is a good idea to put a razor down there while driving is beyond me.

    According to reports, like a typical woman she got distracted but what she was distracted with is just beyond ridiculous.

    I know a womens is horrible drivers. We have proven this fact time and time again. But there is just no excuse for taking a razor and going, “Hmm, maybe I will just go shave my sallyjessy while I drive to work today. Great, safe idea.”

    No one can be that stupid, not even a womens. Read the full story on the NewsLink above, it’s just sad and pathetic.

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