• Barack Obama is A Class Clown

    March 8, 2010 12:44 pm 8 comments
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    As I scoured the internet today to find more proof of why we should impeach Obama, I could not believe the following image I found on his blog.

    Barack Obama is nothing but an uneducated, class clown. Maybe if he spent more time paying attention in class instead of goofing off, he could be doing a gooder job than he is now!

    This dark clown is supposed to be strengthening our economy, destroying terrorists and protecting our freedom. But now, we see what he does at meetings at the White House!

    It appears he has drawn a Marx Brothers moustache upon his fingers to get some laughs. Hopefully he will realize it’s not so funny as he continues to cast us into debt with irresponsible spending and sick of it, we impeach him and vote a real American like Senator John McCain or former Governor Jeb Bush into office.

    Class clowns belong at McDonald’s, not the White House. Get Obama OUT!

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