• Brazil Has an 8-Year-Old Lady Gaga

    March 5, 2010 9:35 am 8 comments
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    One of the creepiest things a parent can do is let their child parade around, in public, in skimpy clothing. The wrong parenting level shoots up ten-fold, however, when kids are wearing such things and it is being encouraged in competition.

    We need to look no further than Jon-Benet Ramsey to get an idea of why we should let kids be kids. Make-up, pageants and all that fan-fare is just ridiculous and should have no part in a child’s life.

    Here is another example, this time from Brazil. They had a competition where an 8-year-old was crowned champion for her impersonation of the racy Lady Gaga.

    Like many other parents who have seen this video, I am very offended. Warning: Have children leave the room before reviewing this video with your spouse/parenting group.

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