• Do Ginger Children Have Souls?

    March 17, 2010 4:38 pm 18 comments
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  • One of the most evil television shows ever created is South Park.  It is a children’s show that has been responsible for the dramatic increase in STIs and dropout rates of children in elementary school to high school.

    South Park has contributed to children being more prone to using crass language and committing acts of violence. After an episode of South Park showed a character, Eric Cartman, murdering the parents of one of his rivals and feeding the same child his parents via chili, many children were admitted into hospitals due to trauma.

    Now we have South Park trying to encourage kids to commit acts of hate and violence against those with red hair. Using a racist epithet, South Park has created the word “gingers” to help kids berate people born with red hair and freckles.

    This cruel trend started several seasons ago, when again the “Cartman” character of the show tried to commit genocide against all those with red hair. It is no coincidence that there are a line of Jewish individuals who all exclusively have red hair.

    In addition to being a danger to children, South Park is very anti-Semitic. For these reasons, parents, ban South Park from your home and send letters of protest to the show’s creators to let them know we do not stand for them filling our children’s minds with filth and we do not stand for them being anti-Semitic.

    Following is a clip for your edification. It is from a new episode, coming up, from where the show will once again take aim at “gingers”. Please pray and tell others about this so we can organize an official protest and action letters for FCC.

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