• Foolish Girl Sneaks Out On Dangerous Blind Date

    March 1, 2010 9:10 am 26 comments
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  • Women are gullible and naive. Ever since the dawn of creation, the daughters of Eve have fallen for the most Satanic of wiles time and time again.

    That is because women are stubborn and hard-headed. They do not like to take advice from those more keen than themselves, so they are constantly fooled. We saw it happen to Eve in the Bible and time and time again, we see it happen in day to day life.

    The nature of females make them particularly tough for parents to raise. Take the following account, for example.

    It’s said that a cinematic work of art oft times does not need much setup commentary. Such is true for our subject today. Here are the ingredients for what you will soon watch: 18 year old girl, random stranger from Myspace, date, worried Mom, brother w/ a video camera who loves his sister and wants to make sure she understands the lesson.

    Here we go…

    Classic. Now, some of our readers, or more likely, passer-bys may sympathize with the girl in the tape. Like she said, ‘she’s 18 years old and she can do wat she want!’. Whatever.

    The thing is this. If you think it’s fine and cool to meet up with random folks online, you deserve a bonehead tag nailed to your forehead. Never has it been ok to hop in a car with a stranger you’ve just met. Word is that Brad Nowell from Sublime had a story about a girl he knew who met a guy in a bar. The story for all parties involved ended in one way: gluteus molestation by a veiled homosexual.

    Naturally. At any rate, here are my online parenting tips of the day for teens or ridiculous parents who have trouble raising the kids they shouldn’t have spawned in the first place.

    Online Safety Tips
    1. Get off Myspace looking for dates.
    2. Everyone you meet online is not who they say they are…
    3. “I’m petite, a hot blonde, and single” really means “I don’t like showers, have cheeto stains on my shirt and do truckin’ through Lubbock, Texas for food fixins. Oh, I’m a burly, hairy dude.”
    4. “I’m a nice guy and we’ll have a good time” = Thriller.
    5. 9/10 times, it ends in getting raped, as the brother in the video above mentioned.

    So if you have a teen daughter, make sure you whack her with some logic. We don’t need to hear about anymore Myspace related crimes.

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