• Japanese Create Robot Children

    March 1, 2010 8:49 am 21 comments
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    My friends as we know, the Japanese are a vile people before God who do perverted things to their children.

    We have seen them with their immoral poopsies songs and fornicate their kids with squid anime pornography, but never in a million years did I suspect we would catch them doing biomechanical experiments on their kids.

    They have now used their Jap science to create robot children. At first I thought this was just a Halloween costume, but it turns out from our sources that the Japanese are now experimenting with live human robot armies.

    They must plan to join China as allies aginast America. Blood is thicker than water and from the looks of things, there is no difference between a Chinese and a Japanaman. They are all looking the same and hate America.

    You cannot trust a people who will craft machine parts into their children, then brainwash them to attack America. Japan already proved they will stoop to low ends when they told their young boys to hop into crop planes and fly those planes into American ships during World War 2.

    In addition to forcing their children to off themselves, we see the Japanese do no fight fair either. There is no word yet from the UN on this subject, but I hope and pray there are at least sanctions because this is a crime against humanity and exploitation of children.

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