• Justin Bieber Causes Girls To Make Sinful Videos

    March 8, 2010 12:55 pm 14 comments
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    I have no idea who this Justin Bieber is, but he is causing our teenage daughters to make sinful videos in his name.

    As I searched YouTube today, I saw cause to issue an immediate Parenting Moral Alert

    Satan is always looking for a way to enter your daughter’s dreams, so he can entice her to do bad things once awake.

    In this following video, we see Justin Bieber has used his magic to cast a hold over these poor girls. They wake up in a trance and somehow singing a synchronized song where in a daze, they go through the eerily spirited lyrics.

    This is a new type of demonic ploy to get to our kids and we must beware. Whoever knows who this Justin Bieber is, please tell us so we can contact the authorities and pray for him to lose access to our teenage daughters. Thank you.

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