• Lindsay Lohan Is Cured of Lesbian

    March 17, 2010 5:22 pm 13 comments
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    Lindsay Lohan and boyfriend Sam as they shop in Paris. Lohan was recently cured of gay lesbian and now is on the road to true mental recovery.

    After many weeks of praying we see Lindsay Lohan has been cured of lesbian!

    I prayed till sweat came down my brow for this poor girl. I remember back when she was a young actress and my daughters enjoyed her comical performances in movies. Then, one day, someone tricked Lindsay into becoming a Hollywood lesbian.

    After this all the typical lesbian stuff happened to her; wild parties, cocaine drugs, bulimia, anorexic, whore vampire and even drunk driving. Desperate and gross, Lindsay started to bare her body and expose her nudity for all the world to see for attention.

    She did this because her mind was broken and not working right. If it were, she would have been seeking out a man to potentially marry. Now we see our prayers have finally been accepted into Lindsay’s heart and she is trying to straighten her life out again.

    Just you watch. She will next announce she quits drugs and be in good movies soon enough again, and then she will make a VH1 video about how she turned her life back around through Christ and renouncing those gay thoughts that crept into her heart and mind.

    Bless you Lindsay Lohan and good look with your new proper relationship.

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