• More Proof Lindsay Lohan is Lesbian Vampire

    March 15, 2010 7:37 pm 5 comments
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    Several weeks ago I penned an investigation piece that reveals suspicion that Lindsay Lohan is a Lesbian Vampire. Typical liberal critics tried to claim I did not have enough proof and the photo documentation could have been fabricated.

    Today here is yet more proof that yields credence Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian vampire. This is dangerous because kids right now are being tempted by a movied named Twilight. For those of you who do not know, this movie is responsible for scores of cases where children have bit each other in the neck.

    This movie has encouraged children to fornicate at young ages and to have blood rituals with the family pets, namely wolf dogs. Now we see a “Hollywood Role Model”, this Lindsay Lohan, is further tempting females to act like vampires and there is one in the film named Bella.

    She has bestial relations with a vampire and werewolf and curses the name of our Heavenly Father, then does vampire blood rituals with a room full of men strangers. Twilight tries to make young girls think it is normal to get drunk and pass out in a room full of strangers in some secluded woods. Following you can see the headline “Lindsay Lohan Vamps it Up.” Vamps.

    Here is the photo evidence:

    Lindsay Lohan vamps it up at a fashion event in West Hollywood
    Lindsay Lohan vamps it up at a fashion event in West Hollywood
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