• More Proof Obama is A Muslim Day Terrorist

    March 17, 2010 4:12 pm 9 comments
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    Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Look at the terror of his middle name: Hussein. Even Obama reeks of the Arab spices of false gods and blasphemy.

    It is public knowledge that Obama was raised in a madrassa school. These are the very places that the beasts who attacked us on 9/11 went to school; at these schools they teach you secret ways to hurt America.

    Knowing that, it makes sense that Obama is trying to destroy our economy by giving all our money to Palestine and cheating ObamaCare through our Congress. He used his Muslim oil wealth connections to rig so many elections that the Democrats have a majority, so he can pass pro-Muslim and therefore anti-America laws.

    With all this irrefutable evidence stacked against him, you would think every single American would angrily take to the streets and demand this sheik be impeached and kicked out of our country! But some require more proof and I have it here.

    We have obtained photographs which prove that Obama has been brainwashed by Muslims. As a young boy he had friends that were not American because Obama was born in Indonesia. They worship “Allah” and “Budda” there, because they are veiled heathens.

    We see Obama is buddy-buddy with some of these craft people:

    Photo Evidence 1: Obama In His Birth Country Indonesia

    As you can see in the picture above, Obama is very comfortable with his Muslim friends. You can see they are not trying to blow him up with terror or anything, which is just further proof he is not American. If he was really American, they would have already done him in.

    Photo Evidence 2: Obama Plays with Muslim Friends in Birth Country Indonesia

    This picture was taken during Obama’s childhood days in Indonesia. At this point in his life, Obama did not even hear about America or knew we existed. They were just getting to the lessons about how their “god” wants us all blown up.

    Also you may recognize the smiling Asian to Obama’s left, as he is the son of none other than Asian terrorist Kim Jong-Il. You start to see Obama’s connections to the world of mischievous terror.

    We now have so much proof against Obama, so let us end his reign of terror.  In 2012, we will have a new presidential election.  Obama will try to use his magic to call up the Muslim gods and win the election by clouding the minds and hearts of the voters.

    He will use advanced psychological tricks like reverse racism to make you feel guilty if you’re white and do not vote for him.  Pray and do not fall for his mystic wiles.  In 2012, we must vote the foreign terror out of office like George Washington ordered.  No foreigners with false religions.

    Instead, let us vote a good, Christian AMERICAN into office.

    Jeb Bush.


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