• More Reasons Why Cats Should Die

    March 5, 2010 9:21 am 11 comments
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    Cats are very unloyal creatures that have cursed mankind. I hate cats and they are the worst vermin of modern time. Here I have prepared a chart to show percentage wise, why these pervert creatures should usually be put down when seen roaming loose.

    It will help society.

    As you can see here, cats are part of the homogay agenda. There is nothing a gay man loves more than a cat.

    They create internet sites about “lolcats” and make them say nonsense on portraits, and then promote it as being “cute” so they may entice young children to come look at these pictures.

    Once the children are on their gay cat sites, the homos trick them into giving their name, address and time when parents are not home so they can abduct them and do wicked things. Sick homos are using cats to dally childrens!

    Cats and homos are now working together to get our children and we have no choice but to help hand them over to Satan so they can sear for all times for their gay sins and hurting kids.

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