• President Barack Obama and Sarkozy Declare War on Iran

    March 30, 2010 8:52 pm 12 comments
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  • Divine Duo Announce Attack on Iran

    The divine duo of American President Barack Obama and French President Sarkozy charged into action today, both in a rush to announce to the world that we are at war with Iran.

    Iran has flagrantly violated the edicts of the United Nations and put all people on Earth in the path of undue harm. Worldwide, leaders are fed up with Iran but are scared to condemn the terror nation, as they fear that their respective nations will suffer terror attacks.

    Today, however, President Barack Obama of America, with Sarkozy at his side, chided Iran for supporting terror and not abiding by UN edicts. He has changed his heart and now condemns Iran for wanting to build nuclear weapons, weapons which they plan to use to bring death to God’s children in Israel and God’s country of America.

    Obama’s stern words resonated throughout the world. The United Nations stands behind America, with Sarkozy bravely standing with Obama, much like Tony Blaire and the British did America after 9/11.

    With Iraq now in the process of being converted to a proper nation, it is time to expand the compass of morality through the Axis of Evil. It is time for a regime change in Iran and we should not only put sanctions on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the most wanted terrorist right now, but also declare international war against Iran.

    We should rain bombs upon their hovels and terror enclaves until the government surrenders and Ahamdinejad is put on trial for his crimes against humanity. Let the people of Israel determine the fate of their would be genocidal tyrant, Ahmadinejad. Let them decide his fate and let us provide the people of Iran what they deserve, Western Democracy and Faith.

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