• Richard Dawkins and Seppe Cools, A New Secret Internet Team Against Christ

    March 9, 2010 9:23 am 11 comments
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    As we continue to investigate the atheist terror attacks Richard Dawkins has ordered on ChristWire, more parts of their scheme are being revealed.

    For those who do not know, Richard Dawkins is organizing a new way for atheists to spread propaganda on the internet. He is attempting to subvert the truth by blacking out all outlets that work for America and Christ.

    Several months ago who started a prayer war against Dawkins’ site RichardDawkins.net. God grew tired of how bigots like Dawkins and Neil Degrasse Tyson perverted his science with Satanic twists, evolution and big bangs, and recruited young children to think they were “cool rebels” by agreeing with such nonsense.

    We prayed that Dawkins’ training grounds be shut down and a few days ago, our prayers were answered. Angered, we now see Dawkins has resorted to e-terrorism to have his revenge on our associate news community here at ChristWire.

    Dawkins is doing a grassroot campaign with Satan, and recruiting “savvy” internet people to do his bidding. I also suspect Dawkins is working with Arab terrorists such as Al-Malaki who was behind the terror attacks on our World Trade Center on 9/11.

    A general of Dawkins may also be a internet poster known as “Seppe Cools”. From the name, you can tell it is Italian and we all know Italy teamed up with Hitler during World War 2, and worshiped false idols like Zeus, so have their share of immorality. If it wasn’t for the Vatican God would have already struck Italy down for all their past sins.

    This Seppe Cools uses an “avatar” on a new site he apparently created for Richard Dawkins and it is named “Rational Skeptics. It appears to be soaked with the sins of atheism and therefore highly combustible once it is tossed into the pits of hell along with Richard Dawkin’s defunct forums. The “avatar”, a secret atheist word for an inner personality demon, appears to promote some sick sort of robot evolution future.

    Then here you can see how they gloat and brag about how atheists have caused 500 errors on our ChristWire this week. As you know, our programmers along with Senior Ministerial staff have been busy in Haiti, helping the population by spreading Bibles to the sick and hungry that have been devastated by the great judgment that befell them.

    Already we have raised over $63,000 for Haiti through our efforts and have been able to provide them countless Bibles, Christian literature and clothing. We are coordinating food and medical efforts through several existing organizations.

    It is sick that during this time, when we have diverted our attention to helping our friends in need, that atheists would try to hinder this small portion of our ministry. ChristWire serves as a gathering ground for some of our most esteemed ministers and journalists to share thoughts with the world.

    Though it’s a small part of our global ministry, this community helps us communicate and provide a foundation for much larger messages that are delivered throughout various forms of media throughout the world. It is the wholesome bread and butter of what powers CW Global.

    I pray and beseech that you knock if off, Richard Dawkins. Stop using Satan to cause these mysterious 500 errors. Once we have a chance, beware that we can pray a prayer of forgiveness for you, or if you continue your sins, a prayer of damnation that will overturn your sadistic ministry of atheist evolution, the same that Hitler and Papa Doc worshiped. Amen.

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