• Russia Helps Iran Build Nuclear Weapons

    March 18, 2010 5:45 pm Comments Off on Russia Helps Iran Build Nuclear Weapons
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  • Tehran, Iran – By the help of the veil Soviets, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad’s Iranian terror regime is building a nuclear bomb.

    For years now the Russians have veiled their true Soviet nature. Deep down, the Russians still believe the Cold War continues and seek to destroy America.

    Since President Ronald W. Reagan and the 1980s American army scared them from attacking us directly, the cold Russians are doing what all other weak nations do: secret terror ploys upon mighty America.

    US intelligence has found that Soviet dictator Vladmir Putin visited Ahmadinejad in Iran last week. There, Putin and Ahmadinejad, surrounded by elite KGB, imams and mujadeen warriors, signed an armistice deal where Russia agreed to build nuclear weapons for Iran.

    In exchange, Iran vowed to continue terror ploys against America.

    These events suspiciously take place as Bill Clinton visits Moscow on a “diplomatic” mission.  It is no secret that Bill Clinton sold nuclear secrets to China and it reasons that Clinton is now also giving our nuclear secrets to the USSR, in an act of clear betrayal.

    No word yet from Obama or the White House on how we will deal with this, though hopefully it will be with nuclear threats and economic sanctions upon Iran.

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