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    March 19, 2010 8:28 am 7 comments
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    In my ongoing searches into the latest news and headlines during CW interim period, I have come across many neat grassroot America sites on the wide internet.

    These are always a breath of fresh air after coming across legions of sinful videos on YouTube which present with Satan afflicting kids with all sorts of illness and demonic infiltration. We will not even get into the horrible clothing and “entertainment” sites that kids on the internet visit and how they can watch dangerous children shows like South Park with the push of a button.

    With such filth and corruption being sneaked into the life of our children, it is the responsibility of EACH and EVERY Christian INDIVIDUAL to do their part to take back our country from the heathens.

    So whenever I see a small grassroots America site that values our country and our nation’s Christian heritage, I get excited. The site I want to present to you today is patrioticspace.com.

    This fine site commentates on America and how great our country is when it serves the Lord and takes its rightful place as the democratic leader of Earth. Praise God for the authors of this site and I wish them much success.

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