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    March 9, 2010 2:32 pm 2 comments
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  • Christian TV Review:  24 – Day * (2am – 3am):  Season 8 Episode 11

    Hit television show 24 was back with another exciting episode, with Jack Bauer helping defend America against all sorts of terrorist threats.

    As we know, Jack Bauer loves freedom.  He is the modern-day epitome of a soldier from the WW2 era.  He loves his country, America.  He will do anything to defend God, family and country.  That is the mark of a true American and what our founding fathers wanted of all of us.
    In watching Season 8, episode 11 (2am – 3am of day 8) we find that some typical Arab Muslims have smuggled a dirty bomb into Manhattan of New York.  The Arab Muslims from foreign terror lands, the very ones our Christian leader President George W. Bush declared war upon, are once again trying to kill Americans “for sport”.
    It is up to Jack Bauer to foil their plots.  This episode is great fun for the whole family, and educational, because it teaches about the dangers of homegrown terrorism.

    Did you know that 2/10 people in your neighborhood are homegrown terrorists?  They have been tricked by Arab chants into believing that Arabs are innocent people and that Muslims should not be waterboarded or profiled if suspected of terrorism.

    These people are likely to participate in Arab bomb schemes to hurt your children at school or perhaps hijack a local bus or building.  This is exactly what happened in this episode, and Jack Bauer had to get down and dirty against an American that became a turncoat.

    All the while, the Arab ministry of some small mideast country also helps try to set off a nuke in America.  Will Jack Bauer be able to get the turncoat to confess his sins against God and country?  If so, how?  Will Manhattan get nuked?

    These are the dramatic plot points of this episode that you and your family will soon find out as you watch 24 Day 8 (2am – 3am) Season 8 Episode 11 below.

    Moral Rating: W, E, FA for Wholesome, Educational, Family Approved for:
    shows dangers of Arab terrorism, shows children the dangers of homegrown terrorism, patriotism, no-cussing, terrorists have no rights, pray in tough situations, respect to mother, condemns fornication

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