• 10-Year-Old Boy Being Hailed the Next Kobe Bryant

    April 5, 2010 8:37 am 6 comments
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    There is a major issue I’m having with the black community. Now before I get too deep, understand that I’m love blacks and this is a simple observation, but why are so many black families so keen on rushing their children to be the next NBA star?

    Whatever happened to going to high school, making good grades and studying a good major at college, than getting a reasonable job?

    There is too much pressure on blacks in inner-city areas to either “make it big” or nothing else; no middle ground.

    This thought has gone through the heads of the owners of these people in the NBA, as the league may put an age cap on the NBA to prevent black families from pushing their young high school sons too hard on one direction. They should be taught that there are many roads to success, not just positive things like a basketball player or negative like a drug pusher.

    Black youth can be anything if they just rise up to the circumstance.

    Videos like the one that follows deeply disturb me. Yes, this child is good at basketball but hopefully he is being taught, it’s just a game. The true challenge in his life should be maintaining his grades and just seeing basketball as an extracurricular, that is at least until he finishes college on perhaps scholarship.

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