• 80 Percent of Americans Distrust the Government, Just Like Me

    April 20, 2010 10:36 pm 13 comments
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  • My Dearest Comrads:

    I regret to inform you that our government is showing its true colors! As a poll has shown and the title suggests, 80% of my fellow Americans DO NOT trust the government!

    So, how should we solve this problem? My friends, I cannot tell you this answer because I simply do not know. It is up to you to figure out how we can fix this drastic change in our government and make it so that it knows that it works for us; The people. Just as the American Constitution says in laymens terms: “You, the Government, work for us, The People!”

    George Washington said that we should not dabble in Politics or Political parties! But, Satan has corrupted man from the very beginning and has continued to corrupt man to this day! Satan has taken his seat in the world of politics and will remain there until he has fallen into the rightful hands of those who will take great pride and are willing to accept the responsibility of his actions when he has made a mistake or has wrongfully guided us into sin!

    There is no such being as “Perfect”! Even Jesus is not perfect. He has made some mistakes in his youth while he was here on this God forsaken planet. Politicians think they are the ones who deserve and run this country, but they are far from the truth! It is the middle and lower classes that run this country and make it run! It is they who provide the food and necessary inventory for our great needs and pleasures of life!

    If I may make a comparison; George Orwell’s, Animal Farm, is deemed necessary for this topic of comparison.
    In the book, Animal Farm, it is the pigs who think they are worthy of the plentiful fruits and foods of the other animals’ labor. They sold other animals and even changed the “rules” of the farm to accommodate for their crimes. The politicians of today can be compared to the pigs of Animal Farm. Greedy and taking the fruits of the working classes just to buy themselves a new lifestyle that they don’t even acknowledge!

    I conclude this article by saying that we should not allow such abuse from our government! They work for us! Not the other way around!

    ~Yokoshima Kami


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