• Adulterer Tiger Woods All Grins Again, Thinks He will “Win Masters”

    April 5, 2010 5:29 pm 10 comments
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  • If I were the president of the PGA, the only way I’d let Tiger Woods play golf again is to replace his standard Nike symbol with a giant, scarlet A for adulterer.

    Look at it Tiger Woods, this is what you is! A for Adulterer cheater fornicator! Betrayer!

    I remember the commercials where all the cute afro children would come on there and say, “I’m Tiger Woods.” “No, no, I’m Tiger Woods.”

    They all wanted to be like Tiger Woods and be proper. They wanted to go to Stanford, where they would earn a good degree for four years and then go onto a professional career.

    Tiger Woods was lovable and we let him play golf. Fuzzy Zoeller tried to warn us about Tiger Woods just being a typical collard greens black, but we all turned our backs on Fuzzy and said it wasn’t true. We defended Tiger and said he was proper, just like the rest of the golfers aside from Muslim Vijay Singh who uses devil powers.

    Now we see Tiger Woods giving a news conference where he appears smug and even went as far as saying he would ‘dominate’ this year’s masters tournament.

    Tiger Woods is a sick man who cheated on us. He betrayed our trust and cheated on his white Swedish wife Eileen and their beautiful children. Tiger Woods had sexual relations with whores and didn’t confess until he was caught.

    God does not approve of betrayal and it strikes a sensitive spot for God, because betrayal reminds him of when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for just a few coins. Tiger Woods is no different than Judas and has no loyalty to what God holds most sacred; commitment.

    Tiger Woods should realize he is fallen just like Satan and demons of hell. He has no favor!

    He is trying to grow out a goatee to show his new bad boy side, not even considering the standards of grooming for golf. Golf was fine without Woods and his kind and never again will we make the mistake of allowing a fornicated cheater to be part of the ranks of proper men.

    Be prepared to get embarassed at the Masters, Woods. When you think you have a good shot, perhaps a mighty gushing wind will knock the ball into the rough! You’ll see when you put, the blades of green’s grass suddenly shift direction and throw your putt off a few feet to the perhaps the right. This is all the work of God cursing your precious golf game!

    That’s because you are an unrepentant A woods, a fornicator. A betrayer of America. You have adulterated and not sincere apologized to me or the rest of America, and for that, you are judged. Guilty! Guilty Woods.

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