• Another Female Teacher Attacks Male Teenage Student With Sex

    April 30, 2010 11:55 am 197 comments
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  • Female teachers grow more and more disgusting, as they continue to attack their minor-aged male students with sex.

    It seems the realm of teaching is being plagued by a new breed of pedophile: female teachers who like to prey upon our young sons of America. Last year, our astute leader and friend, Pastor Jack Gould, revealed this dangerous new trend of liberal female teachers attacking young boys with sex.

    These teachers have a sick, festering desire to corrupt the minds of the pure and innocent. They exploit a young male’s burgeoning sexuality — meant to only be fully released during the confines of wedlock, to his wife — for their own sick desires.

    Today we find yet another tragic story, this time as a 16-year-old was forced to have sexual and oral relations with his 24-year-old high school math teacher and fitness instructor.

    This poor teen’s mind wanted to only focus on playing sports with his friends and earning solid marks, so that he could propel himself into college by virtue of his sterling academics and impressive extracurricular regimen.

    Instead, now, this young man has been psychologically destroyed. A teen boy’s mind is not designed to be raped by a fully grown woman.

    Reports detail how this young man shamefully came forward to speak of how this teacher raped him in her car, using both her secret parts and her mouth to do unfathomable acts upon his body. This young man was so emotionally scarred, ashamed and in so much pain, he allegedly did not even want to take the stand during the trial.

    The thought of what horrors this young must have faced as this teacher forced him to copulate in her car, using his body for all of her lustful desires, is truly disturbing. What’s even more frustrating is the thought of how these liberal courts tend to let these teachers get away with such things with only a slap on the wrist.

    It is a wonder that young men are even able to graduate high school and go on to college, as a man should do. We find more females in college now than young men due to things like this: how can our sons make it to college when they are being raped at such an age, one where they should be protected by law and not abused by a system of biased corruption.

    There needs to be far more stern and stiff punishments for these female teachers. There should be mandatory jail time and corporal punishment, perhaps even with the penalty of forfitting one’s life for a severe enough offense. As a society, we need to let these female teachers know that they do not have a carte blanc to attack these innocent, minor male students with their sexual antics.

    We must let these diseased women know that as a society, we do not condone their sex attacks and will uphold the law to ensure their threat is removed for good.

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