• Atheists Continue To Disrespect Easter with Zombie Jesus Jokes, Photographic Sacrilege

    April 4, 2010 12:21 pm 242 comments
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  • A little less than 2,000 years ago today, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ laid down his life on Calvary so that all of our sins may be forgiven.

    Christ allowed the Romans and Jews to betray him and spit upon him, even though he was their Lord. He did this so that we may repent of our sins and have the gift of eternal life through him, by following the commands of the Bible and accepting Christ in our hearts. That is the Passion of our Christ.

    How sick is it that there are people on Earth who after hearing the beautiful Passion story, they still try to deny Christ and even mock him? These new age heathens still dare to defy Christ, though now he is upon his throne in heaven and awaiting them to follow his love.

    Last year we saw the ugly face of atheism when Pastor Jack exposed all the Zombie Jesus Jokes from Atheists he was  sent on Resurrection Sunday.

    Now today we find the atheists still have no respect. I hope they realize that hell burns hotter than the sun itself, and the day comes when they only wish they could have a Sunday where they went to church for Easter than a nice, ardent day’s park lunch with family afterward.

    These images are sick and are archived just so you understand that atheists have no heart and this is the exact type thing that is sending them straight to the deepest recesses of hell. Warning: The following images represent typical atheist depravity and are very offensive. Please order your women/children to exit the room before review.

    This sample takes alleged origin in a German atheist magazine. As if the Germans don’t have enough to atone for, considering how they tried to wipe out God’s chosen people and then conspired against God’s nation of America, we see they have a burgeoning antichrist culture among their youth. Many Germans are going to get a taste of hellfire.

    Simply immature.

    This was another sent to Pastor Gould, attached with a threatening message about “headshotting” Christian zombies. This one was very offensive and to whoever sent it, know that you will be judged with the gays, abortionists and NAZIs for that one.

    I found this one to be among the more offensive images I received for review. The grayscale and words are hurtful and are not the product of a heart who appreciates the sacrifice God made, by giving his only Son as sacrifice to us so that we may have eternal life. The love of Christ kept him nailed to the cross, so that you could be forgiven for your sins. It is sad to know that there are people who would deride such a beautiful act of mercy and love from our Savior, Our Lord.

    As if this wasn’t enough, some atheists calling themselves callofhell emailed about a video they created this year. They have titled it “Zombie Passion of the Christ” and have done all they could to offend us. There seems to be a tie between the video and these jaded atheist vloggers (i.e., 1 and 2) who made threats against several of our interns and staff last year.

    Nothing but disrespect abounds in this film and in the Book of Life, the director of this film will find his name listed for the credits. Hopefully he or she knows that there is an award for directing films like this, and it is called a one way ticket to hell.

    In this one we see people have taken the time to dress up on Easter Sunday and disrespect Christianity, then email to gloat about it. It is very offensive and everyone involved with this is childish.

    Easter is about love and respect, so why go ruining it with targeting and offending those with different beliefs?

    The flurry just continued from this point:

    This was another sent from the “headshotting” Christians on Easter person. It is smarmy in its arrogant assertion that tries to equate Christ to the Easter Bunny, contrived as per standing cultural custom for holiday. Christ is the only way to heaven, so whosoever does not accept his gift of eternal life will burn in hell for all time.

    There are plenty more in similar vein, but I do believe that is enough for this year’s example of how atheists are relentlessly offensive and belligerent to Christians and more importantly, stand against God. Those who stand against God are allied with Satan, and as we saw when even a host of angels dared team with Satan to defy God, all who stand against God shall be cast into hell.

    Be well, friends, and let us take the time to thank God for all he has done for our lives. Let us thank Christ for loving us and sacrificing himself so that we may live eternally in the glorious splendor of our Creator and our Master.

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