• Australia Invents Whonanny Vagine Cupcakes

    April 27, 2010 1:08 pm 37 comments
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  • I am sick and outraged! The reefies of Australia are soaking in sin! They have allowed their gays to launch sick agendas aimed at corrupting teenage children with unnatural thoughts!

    You all know for that every one gay, four young kids molestered! It’s because when they see our childrens, they think, “hmm here is another innocent mind we can corrupt for our pervert agenda!” They like to diddle kids!

    So what a surprise that some lizzie fair lesbians have launched vagine cupcakes! Sick! They named it after their anatomy with no censors! Warning: The following cupcake shows a representation of a bared women. Please cover the eyes and ears of the innocent, and demand any women or children turn their head away or leave the room as you pray before viewing.

    I feel nauseous! Sick and dry heaves! As you can see they have decorated these secret parts with gay colors as to entice young girls to become lizzies and corrupted with sin! They are trying to confuse the mind of young children with sweets.

    “Hmm, maybe all secret parts taste like rainbow cupcakes!” No they taste like hell! It is no coincidence that these cupcakes have rainbow die in them, because all who eat of them shall perish and not have ever lasting life! Gays go to hell to burn in the ovens and no fluffy cupcakes!

    Parents, do not let this brand of vegaine cupcakes into your home! Burn them in fires before chef Satan gets to burn your corrupted loved one in his eternal fiery ovens of hell!

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